Totally Tasty Tuno Melt

The "Totally Tasty Tone Pole Tuno Melt" is back!! It made an appearance during the tail end of winter for a moment. Just to test the waters,and the feedback was great, so....its making a splash on the seasonal specials board.If the popularity grows, it will become a staple out at the Chainbreak Cafe.I know you wondering what exactly is the Tuno Melt Sandwich? well it is a completely vegan version of the classic tuna melt,that most have grown to love at country style cooking establishments,Or even better,just like mom used to make. The difference is that all those super smart dolphins and tuna fish can swim happily in the sea and not worry about winding up inside this sandwich. Its most prominant ingredient is a soy based seitan then the rest is the standard gerkin pickles,onions,lemon juice and mayo. This particuar mayo used in my recipe is vegan,why? well it does stay fresher longer,without the worry of the eggs going bad,and yours truly is vegan,and loves this sammy.So when I am workng the concessions I can only eat the chili for so long,and even though its still awesome, I need variety. Thats mostly why its now an item for anyone to buy. Usually thats how it starts out. I will make a food item that I really enjoy,and then hone it in,make a large batch of it and share with the masses. So please stop on by and give it a try. My nephew tried it and thought that is was tuna the whole time,and went to swoop in for seconds.

As well as this being a really tasty sammy, there are some health benefits as well: Soy provides you with the same,if not more protein than tuna fish,with zero cholesterol. And beacause I am using veganaise it has omega-3 fatty acids that is good for the heart.Also the bread I am using has no high fructose corn syrup,and is made locally with 4 simple basic bread ingredients. So not only are you getting a totally tasty meal,that you can grab and go,but its not only good for you ,it is also good for the environment. What disc golfer can't appreciate that?

C'mon  down and get yours today,and tell us what you think.

Cheers =)