Yes it has been a while but they are finally here. Had a chance to test drive both the D1 and D4 today and it was a really tough day to judge new discs due to the 20mph gusts of wind out at Lakewood, but what I did take from several throws was the fact that the D4 on a RHBH slight hyzer, flipped up straight and flew pretty far before a slight fade. In a strong headwind the D1 held up ok with straight flight released flat.They feel real good in your hand, plastic is very Lat 64 opto ish. Kind of curious what this plastic will do once it gets beat in. Come on down and help figure this out.Not only will this help in research,but you can be the first on your block to own your very own Prodigy D1 and D4 first run stamp. Come on down before they are all gone.