National Deaf Disc Golf Championships

Thanks for all who helped out.

Co-TD Thursday Adam Clark, Co-TD Friday Andrew Rivers, Co-TD Saturday and doing so much for the event before during and after Gerardo Di Pietro, seriously this guy is AMAZING!! 

Thanks for team chainbangerz Josh "Dice" Aumick for helping out for all the events as my right hand man, Ted Couliard for camera and spotting support, 

Chuck Lyter for fliming,spotting,setting up,breaking down, moving baskets, runnning mens final nine and for helping get seatac ready before the event. Anthony Hamilton for filimng and spotting. Ian Markussen for hooking up some new SHARPIES!! as well as running the masters final and helping out at the scorecard table. Mike Werth for donating some super cool,super rare discs from his personal collection to the players. All the players who helped during the event with moving baskets and putting up ob strings and flags. Sean Phillips for coming through in a big way with the food at such short notice.Gordy Kirkpatrick for helping the food arrive safetly. Kyle Crabtree for helping during pre day registration. Erick Illg and Jub for getting the TAC ready before the event. 

Sorry if I have forgotten anybody, this was a huge undertaking and I was pretty overwhelmed. So if I didnt remember your name here, I am sorry.

Im thankful to work with such awesome folks and feel like I have made some new friends along the way. It truly was an honor to be part of the deaf disc golf culture, even if it was for a brief moment.

Thanks again everyone I hope you all had a good time.