Brown ninja came by and dropped off some new Factory Second Recycled plastic line of Lat 64. Pictured above are just a few, others include: PURE,FUSE,and DIAMOND.

This feels just as good,if not better than gold line. WOW!! Lat Lovers,you gotta check it out.Lat on the fencers I know maybe the price tag on Latitude is more than others,but this line makes it more affordable to check out. Lat haters...stop hatin.. And for those who have tried out LAT I don't need to explain how freakin AWESOME the plastic is.

Also got all the new opto air stuff in stock. The saint,halo,bolt are just to name a few waiting for you.

And the hits just keep coming.. Got in some of the VIP air Kings as well as the new B2 soft Swans...

Gotta come check them all em out!!!!