Lakewood Pro Shop


Happy Hour at 2pm today:

$2 for 6 corndog poppers $3 for 12 !!!

$2 for TWO hyzer flip hot pockets

Also if you come by after 2pm and hear a band playing with the letter "S" in the band name, you get 5% off any new disc purchase.

Keep looking here as well as other "secret places" online to find deals randomly througout the fall/winter of 2012.




Yes its true the espresso machine is up and running and turning out some pretty amazing coffee drinks. 

Lately more on the iced tip,due to the 2 day heat wave. But for those of you who like it hott,you can order up your coffee however you like it.

So check out the menu for the CHAINBREAK CAFE/JAVA HUTT, as seen on the course, or pictured below.

There are a few signature drinks such as the :


We can serve up any variations as well. Think of us as your new favorite full service coffee stop. For those who need that coffee shop feel we do have a wireless hot spot as well as a table and chairs. But you should reserve the table since it is only a 2 seater.

WAIT A SECOND, is this all inside Lakewood Park? Home of the Lakewood Disc Golf Course?


Larger than life, newly created "Superclassic Zephyr Zebra Iced Mocha Madness" 

WOW!!! This was served up to chainbanger team member Josh "DICE" Aumick today and he walked away a happy man, to say the least.


New menu bored!



Stokin peeps on the daily!!! 




TAMALES back in action!!! Pork and veggie available. 

NEW ITEM: Cazpacho soup is ready for the hot days.

new potato chip flavor : BLT ...



New seasonal item: Keiths Killer Tamales. All made from scratch,and available in pork or veggie. Your choice of pico di gallo,or 3 different chili sauces to go along with them. Traditional recipe,and hella good. I have been eating them for the past two days and I can't get enough. Hurry up and try out the "first run edition" or I may just end up eating them all.

Improved on old chili recipe. Now using all organic local grown vegetables,and making it not as thick for the warmer weather. So it doesn't sit as heavy. It is packed with just the right amount of protein for you to get those extra long drives.


New items added to the menu:

Local made "chew-e core" cookies.

Gluten free,egg free,wheat and dairy free. Using all natural organic ingredients as well makes this cookie a sure fire hit. There's a lot of love in these cookies that makes for a great treat on or off the course.New flavor packs a punch with coconut,chocolate,cranberries,and walnuts this gem is nice and dense,super tasty,and better for you then any other cookie out there.


Basket Seeking Boneless Buffalo Wings.

Thats right get a 6 pack ($3) or 12 pack ($6) of breaded,boneless,chainbangin chickin wings.

Served with just the right amount of hot sauce to help you get those long drives,and straight putts. Served in a cup for e-z transport while on the course, fits nicely in your bag for on-the-go eating.


Chainbreakin Corndog Poppers:

Just like the name says. Miniature corndogs make for a nice snack on the go to tide you over till the end of the round. Pop em in your mouth and go to the next hole.

Stop by on hole one then pick them up nice and hot on hole #6. Served in a cup for easy transport while playing. 6 pack o' mini

c-dogs ($3) 12 pack ($6)



Will be closed on the 4th due to CDGC member drive dubz happening at Seatac. 

Until I clone myself I can't be two places at once. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Since the weather is looking a little better, I plan on running Sunday Dubs. They will be starting later,since the Seatac acepot will be happening earlier. Shootin for 2pm start time. Hope you can make it out, no better way to cure cabin fever than with a few rounds of some disc golf =)


Like most of the Seattle area we are closed down until the snow subsides at least enough to tee off of the pads. I stopped by yesterday and the only people in the park were kids sleding down geezer way. Stay tuned for more info... 


Will be closed this weekend. Sorry for all you monthly ace pot and weekly dub supporters. A good opportunity came up in Tacoma to promote disc golf at the convention center. I couldn't pass it up, nor could I find anyone to run the concessions. 

Dont hate




Newest additions to the menu: Corndogs,coffee,hot chocolate, and popcorn. On weekends stop by at around 2pm for some sweet chain breakin brownies fresh out of the oven.



New winter hours are Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4:30 PM.  





CHAINBANGER CHILI is in full effect. Get a piping hot bowl of chili for $2. Feel free to add cheese and sour cream and any other hot dog condiments at no extra charge. Or make it a chili cheese chainbanger dog for $4. Tasty stuff!  Stay tuned for CHAINBANGER CORNBREAD, this will really help you bang the chains,oh and fill you up and keep you warm on cold days.




New Fall hours are 11 to 5 Wednesday through Sunday.

Hicks Lake ACE HOLE will be in play as of today, you wanna try your hand at an ace?

All it will cost is $3 a throw, you can do this any day,any time,any type of throw,any type of

disc (as long as it is PDGA aapproved)

I'ts Just that simple you hit it, you get it! Some of the stipulations are that the pro shop has to

be open where I (Keith) can witness it, or any employee working the pro shop can witness it. 

Please keep in mind that this is still hole #9's basket and if people are playing this hole to 

not throw while anyone is near the basket. 

Not responsible for any discs that get lost in the water or in the woods by the shoreline. Allthough

there is a good chance that if your disc does get wet that It will be returned, since we have a scuba

diver that goes in the lake quite regularly. Or we have a golden retreiver as a loaner if you feel so 

inclined. Who knows you may just get yours back or, you may find someone elses and then you get $2

in store credit. So then even though you didn't make the ace you broke even.

But seriously, lets not even worry about the water, or your disc getting wet, because lets face it if you think

that way,your already off to a bad start. This is all about hittin an ace,bangin the chains, sinking the shot!!!

Chainbangerz is generous enough to start the pot at $100. So the next question is who will be the first ?

Come give it a whirl.




With a new convection oven added to the mix,MINI PIZZAS,PIZZA POCKETS,and TAQUITOS have just been added to the menu,for your enjoyment. More baked goodies to come shortly.




3 new drumstick flavors,fudgesicles,Strawberry and Blueberry frozen fruitcicles,Vanilla and cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches,and Haagen Daz chocolate and almond covered ice cream.

Three new odwalla drinks.




More smoothie flavors. Sidearm Strawberry, Mixed berry annie bomb, and mid range mango.

Also expanded on cheetos flavors,and sun chips flavors to make the lunch special even more irresistible.




New item(s)on the menu: Fresh made SMOOTHIES!! for now, offering 2 flavors 1)Hyzer Bomb Blueberry 2)Tropical Blend Basket Hunter(mix of pineapple,mango,papaya,& strawberry) And.....homemade from scratch banana bread. $3 for smoothies $1 for a slice of banana bread.



Just got in tons of golden retrievers. If you want to buy one for your own, they are for sale or if you want I have a loaner that you can use whenever you want and use it to go fishing for your discs,no worries. Just stop by the pro shop,ask if you can borrow it and leave your ID. Just that simple, then have fun fishing. So far I have witnessed two greatful disc golfers who got their discs back from hicks lake.


Back in June we launched our satelite concessions/pro shop out at Lakewood Disc Golf Course. 


This,as far as we know, is one of the first pro shops located inside of a public park in the state of Washington. This is a pretty awesome deal, considering the concessions end of it as well as the pro shop, makes for a pretty sweet combo. Just recently the addition of hot dogs has been added to the amazing amounts of snacks,candies,and refreshments. So far there are 3 varieties, Chicago style all beef hot dogs,kielbasa sausage,or polish sausage. With a wide array of condiments this makes for a decent lunch break when you hit hole 6,or why not hit it up before or even after your round? The lunch special is a mere $5 and you get a dog,drink,and a bag of chips of your choice.

In keeping with Chainbangerz creedo:"what you spend at our stores goes back into the stores themselves as well as the disc golf community as a whole" the Lakewood concessions is no exception. Big plans to expand on the amounts,variety,and quality of food offered. The next step is ice cream and frozen treats. The freezer is being installed tomorrow (8-23) and look for the ice cream and any or all of your favorite frozen treats to stocked within the next couple of days. This is all just part of phase one on the food tip. The next two will happen in due time. Stop by periodicially to see the progress. Once again when you spend your money here or at the mother ship Burien store you will see improvements on variety and options on both stores.

More discs should be arriving later this week (8-25,26)to fill the empty rack space.As well as a bunch of golden retrievers. Once they arrive I will have a few on hand for loaners, to those who want to fish there lost plastic out of the pond,and lake. 

First picts of concessions.


When the boards are off and you see these windows the shop is open. 



First $100 bill spent at the concessions. Thats right Andy bought himself a $2 gatorade with that bad boy. Now thats GANGSTA!!!!! 


The latest edition. This fridge ROCKS!!!! it makes things a whole lot nicer when your not diggin through ice for drinks. Thanks Todd.




So maybe you are wondering what is going on with this picture. 

Well.................. Something very cool to say the least. Pictured here is Zack Collins, he is the first person to get a free disc (or $15 worth of food and drinks) for sweeping off tee pads at LAKEWOOD,THANKS ZACK!!! How you ask? Its a new program offered out at Lakewood disc golf course, in colaboration with lakewood disc golf club and Eric Edgerton this idea was spawned, and launched successfully Yesterday Thursday Aug. 25th. 

Heres the deal: If you sweep off all the tee pads at lakewood disc golf course,you will get a free disc. Plain and simple,or in-store credit to go towards some sweet or salty treats and or drinks,or even better the latest edition added to the menu.. ICE CREAM......

No time limit you can bring the broom provided for you at the pro shop along with you on your round, and sweep as you play.

No catch really. But there are some stipulations: If the tee pads have just been swept off and are not dusty, theres no need for them to be swept off again. If you don't sweep them off and say you did, no dice. How will I know..... there are eyes EVERYWHERE MAN.... So yeah call it a clean sweep. but thats what the deal is for now. I am sure there will be other "chores" around the course that will need to be addressed and will be rewarded accordingly.Special thanks to ZACK for stepping it up, and wanting to help out.

 One thing that everyone should always do while playing rounds of disc golf, is KEEP YOUR COURSE CLEAN... this is something that anyone can do anytime. This is something that should be passed on from old players to new players. Proper etiquette is to always keep the course you play clean, throw away garbage in garbage can, which now are located almost every other hole. If you see some garbage pick it up, this is highly contagious,and guess what, it feels good. No you won't get a free disc for this, BUT you will get mad props for being an awesome person, that others should and hopefully will follow by example. Who knows,if there is an exceptional amount of clean up happening, than maybe there will be a disc or two thrown in the mix,theres always the possability of candy or snacks though.



Weekly dubs ACE!!!!!!!!


Ace is in the air for sure.. great job Tuffi on aceing hole #5 during Thursdays Aug 25th round of random flip dubs. It was heard throughout the whole park. Way to bang the chains. And get paid to do so. Once the plaque is up,of course look for your name on there for "aces hit during tournament rounds" great job TUFFI,cheers.


heres a site for sore eyes... Guess where all these disc came from?

YUP, you guessed it HICKS LAKE. how did you guess that?

So heres the deal, we are starting up the same lost and found policy that we have at our Burien shop. If you bring a disc you found on the course we give you $2 in store credit,now with two locations you get in  store credit to be used in the store you brought the disc(s). We then call the rightful owner and we say we have found your disc and if you can please bring the $2 that we put out as credit to the kind person, in this case Dennis, the badass scuba diver, that recovered your disc(s) and has brought to us for you to get back. Since we are just starting this today August 26th Friday any discs that do not have a date on them you can just pick up and put back in your bag for free.within the next few days check your phone or be expecting to hear from me with that call you have been waitng for in regard to that disc that you have been missing for so long.