Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 24 (All day)

Lakewood DUBZ

Welcome to 2014 Lakewood Thursday night weekly dubz!!

Current Acepot $70

BBC pot $50

2014 Format is as follows:We start with 20 cards first, the previous CTP winners from the week before(if they show) get to pick a card each to decide the CTP holes.If they don't show 2 random players pick 2 cards. Then poker chips are picked to determine who your partner is. At the end of the round there will be 5 cards randomly picked to determine the 5 BBC(blind birdie cash) holes.

Sunday, April 27 (All day)

Sea-Tac Ace Pot

Every 4th Sunday of the month CDGC (chainbangers disc golf club) hosts a singles ace pot held at sea-tac disc golf course located in sea-tac. Wanna find out more about the course check: http://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=739 

Anyone can play in the ace pot, all are eligible for the cash, you just gotta hit the ace. 

Time: 10am


Pro: $15 

Am: $12

Int: $10

$2 goes towards the club

$2 goes towards the pot

Friday, June 06 (All day)


Thanks Ian for running them in 2013, thanks Brent for filling in when need be. Thanks to those that have been supportive since day one and continue to support the club efforts and courses hosting.Anyone willing to run them for 2014? Shoot over and e-mail, or stop by the shop.

Heres the skinny $7 or $10 option buy in. Starting the pot out with $300 from 2013 carryover.. heres where the money goes:

$7 option:

$1 to the pot

$1 to the club

$5 to payout

$10 option:

$1 to the pot

$1 to the club

Saturday, June 21 (All day)


After taking one year off we are back in action. Same premise as the past two its a battle of discs vs. baskets. who will be victorious? thats up to you!!!

This year BOS III will be an A-tier. Our goal was $3000 added cash and we not only reached it but we surpased that amount and it keeps growing. AWESOME!! Thanks to ALL the players who played in the Battle Benny 1,2,and 3 . Since we are so close to $4000 why stop there, lets try for $5000 eh? 

Monday, September 01 (All day)



* wood chip circles around 2 putting baskets *remove old tee pads and benches* break up old tee pads,and place over by #8 green * make stepped up semi circle green for hole #8 * add new sleeves for multiple pin placements * sandblast tee pads * fill dirt in front of teepads * clear scotch broom on hillside of holes 10,11,12,and 13


*build new kiosk * build raised green for #5 c pin placement *add fill dirt to old 18 holes where needed for smoother maintenance and safety * major mulching needed of large piles of b