Sea-Tac Ace Pot

Saturday, March 22 (All day)

Every 4th Sunday of the month CDGC (chainbangers disc golf club) hosts a singles ace pot held at sea-tac disc golf course located in sea-tac. Wanna find out more about the course check: 

Anyone can play in the ace pot, all are eligible for the cash, you just gotta hit the ace. 

Time: 10am


Pro: $15 

Am: $12

Int: $10

$2 goes towards the club

$2 goes towards the pot

$1 (optional) Field Ace Pot

Current format is singles and is 27 holes.

New for 2014 you can add an optional extra dollar to go towards the FIELD ACE POT for 6 of the holes that are pretty darned hard to get off the pad. Specifically #17,19,20,21,22,& 23.. So if you hit any of them on your second shot and paid into the field ace pot you get that cash.



Next one will be March 22nd





APRIL:14 players

ACE HIT!!! HOLE #1 for $800!!!! Steve Paulus congrats!!

MPM: Ming Vang 1st

        Andy Foster 2nd

MPO: Kenny Clark 1st

        Mark Schnieder 2nd

MA1: Josh G. 1st 

great job guys, thanks for the support, it was a great day for slayin the chains!


March:16 players

7 advanced

7 masters

2 open

1st open Mark S.


1st Open Master :Bob B.

2nd Open Master: Garrett

3rd Open Master: Ace Burg 


1st Advanced: Thaddeaus

2nd Advanced: Doug Hale

3rd Advanced: Ted C. 



February:11 players

1st place MPO: Ming Vang

2nd place MPO: Mark Schnieder

3rd place MPO: Gordy Kirkpatrick

1st place MA1: Chris Schiebe

2nd place MA1: Thaddaeus



January: 10 players 

1st place open:Tied Ace Burg  and Mark Schnieder

2nd:Ming Vang

3rd: Rex

4th: Steve



December: 14 players 8MPO 6 MA1

1st Place MPO Aaron Holley

2nd Place MPO Mark Schneider

3rd Place MPO tie Mark Yarmek

                                 Ray Sanchez

1st MA1 Steve Paulus

2nd MA1 Josh G



November: 13 players 5MPO 4MA1 4 MPM

1st MPO Ray Sanchez

1st MA1 Josh G.

1st MPM Cali Bob




October: 12 players 6 open 6 am

1st place open: Jeff Smith

tied for 2nd Ray Sanchez and Anthony Hamilton

1st place AM: Nick Schuler

tied for 2nd John and Thadius

Thanks for the support!



September: 11 players +4 & +14 took it. No aces hit.



August: 8 players -2 wins it, no aces hit. 



July: 7 players



June:8 players



May: Lucky #7 players



APRIL:17 players

9 advanced

5 masters

3 open

MARCH: 14 folks came out today 

4 Advanced masters

4 intermediate

3 advanced

3 open


Open:Ming Vang

Int: Ted Couilliard

Adv Master: Steve Paulus

Advanced: Ryan Nations




7 advanced and 7 pros battled it out today:


Ming,and Bjorn tied for 1st, no play off, just split it 50/50

Aaron Holley 2nd place


Mark Scheider 1st place

Ted Couiliard 2nd place

Steve Paulus 3rd place




JAN: No acepot , promoting disc golf in Tacoma on that day

Dec: No ace pot due to some chubby dude in a red suit


1st place Erick Illg takes the round , great job!

Today there were five of us racing for the chains.

2 ctp's, both awarded to Frank Boyd. 

No aces hit, but a perfect day in late December for disc golf.

Thanks for the support.



OCT Results

Today was a two man ace run,rather than paying the full amount it was $4 and shootin for

the lucky 5's. There was one CTP with two chances at it. Anthony hit that, and scored a beanie and two pretty sweet discs.Ming almost got an ace on hole #10, but chained out.... Gettin close, whose gonna be next? Or first for that matter. Today marked the first year anniversary of Seatac 4th Sunday Acepot.  Hope to see you next month 



Sept Results

Today there we're 5 folks out to slay the chains.






To make it a challenge Kyle and Ian played in the open division.

Allthough it was a close match the open pro winner is............ Ming Vang 

He finished it with a 3 stroke lead. Good job Ming.

Todays weather was very typical Seattle style fall. Consisting of some sun,drizzle,gail force winds,sun,clouds, heavy downpour and then sunny for the rest of the day. 

Anthony and Matt held it down on the Am side of things And Anthony ended up being victorious today. 

Not only me, but the club and the course thanks all you guys for the support.




August Results

And the winner for Open Pro division.........

Ray Sanchez 

For the Advanced Division: 

Tom Osterdahl


Thanks for the support guys, sorry I could not be a part of it. 

Keep the chains bangin.



July's Acepot is postponed because of the Washington State Superclass Championships 



June 26th results:


1st Place: newly recruited chainbangerz team member: IAN MARKUSSEN

2nd Place: Chris Scheibe

3rd Place: Tuffi Dolan



May 22nd Results:

AND the winner is.........


1st Place Andy Faris

2nd Place Andy Rivers

3rd Place Andy Foster

Open Womans:

1st place: Tuffi Dolan

2nd Place Sheila Teves


1st Place Ted Couiliard

2nd Place Fonn Guiher


Ron Wallace



 APRIL 24th results 

12 guys cam out for this one. We had decent weather, a little drizzle, not too shabby. I brought out 3 discs and hid them randomly throughout the course as "easter eggs" and they were all found.


1) Andy Farris

2) Frank Lewis


1) Aaron Huntington

2) Ron Wallace

3) Trey Greene





So we had 8 guys out here which I though was great considering that 4 of those 8 had played a round earlier for the CSI and 2 rounds the day before. Not only that but the wind was whipping and the rain was coming down for at least half of the round.

after a 3 way tie the results were as follows:


Aaron Holley 1st place (and 2 ctp's)

Josh Morris 2nd place


Keith 1st

Gene McConell 2nd




Today was frigid, snow was on the ground and it was pretty chill to say the least. 

The wind was workable,and way better than yesterday @ Seward for the Pretzel Bowl,

which was pretty unbearable late afternoon.

Anywho we had 10 participants out today for the weather and the time shift that was impressive.

1st place: Ray Sanchez

2nd: after a hole off for a 4 way tie Tony Walker took the number 2 spot

3rd:Frank Lewis held it down @ 3rd

Thanks guys for coming out it was fun



Jan 23rd results

Today was a GREAT turnout. We had 7 pros and 5 ams. We had some new faces,that is always great to see.

Thanks for the support.

This was a 23 hole format with 4 ctp's.

The weather was perfectly mild for disc golf. No wind,not too cold,not too hot.


1st place tie (mutually they agreed no hole off was needed,and they split the 1st and 2nd place payout)

Frank Lewis: also winner of 1 ctp

Ray McKillop: also winner of the other 3 ctp's. NICE JUAN

2nd place: Zach Richer


1st place:Keith Lionetti

2nd place:Matt "corp" Kerner

3rd place:Shawn Hendrickson



Dec. 26th results

Today was BRUTAL. The weather was mild,  until around 12:30...when we started. 

The wind was roaring,the rain was falling and there was a slight chill in the air. 

As if just playing sea-tac alone isnt challenging enough.The elements came and went,

throughout the round.We decided to play 18 holes today, and I was shocked we made

it through that many. No aces but a couple of fly-bys. Honestly even birdies today were 

impressive. Thanks guys for the support. See you next month on Jan 23rd.

1st place Rob Brown 

2nd place Frank Lewis

3rd place Keith Lionetti



Oct. 28th results

Today was a good turnout 14 total,10 pros 4 ams,

the weather was great for late Nov. little wind,partly cloudy, minimal Jet wash.

pro: 1st place: Dan Major

      2nd place: Frank Lewis

      3rd place: Andy Faris 

Am 1st place: Rex Gaoaen 

      2nd place: Keith Lionetti

      3rd place: Aaron Huntington

Thanks for all who attended. Hope to see you next month. It will be the day after christmas so bring 

all your new cheesy holiday sweaters,scarves,and brand new socks to attack the tac. Cheers