Kyle Crabtree

2012 Washington State Champion * 2X USDGC putting champion

*2x Washington State Superclass Champ*3x Northwest Dubs champ

*2X Washington State Series Champ

*overal highest rated and best ranked player in the state of Washington




Great Job 1st place at: Tale Of Two Rivers


12th at 2011 PRO WORLDS !!!!

Great job at Worlds. Also keep in mind, still with a dislocated pinky, on his throwing hand. 

Check out these great videos from Murder Mike: Thanks Mike!








IMG_1940 IMG_1941

Kyle Crabtree is currently one of the best players in the state of Washington, with one of the higest player ratings per rounds played than anyone around. He was also last ranked 19th in the world. Pretty impressive. Please feel free to Check out his latest ratings here

Add:  2x USDGC Putting Champ to his long list of accomplishments. 

Great Job Kyle, Keep up the good work. And keep making those chains sing. IMG_2445 IMG_2458



IMG_2452 IMG_2457 IMG_2442 IMG_2418 IMG_2469So are you wanting to shave some strokes off of your score? hone in your game ? want some lessons from a pro?

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Check out Kyles very own signature disc that we custom screenprinted for him. 

Available in Ontario Rocs , and dx BB Aviars







Division: Open

PDGA#: 25596

Height: 5'11

Weight: 190lbs

Hometown: Fife, WA , USA

Wingspan: 5'11

Year born: 1984

Pro since: 2005

Rating: 1033

Dominant Hand: Right

Titles: 07 KC Wide Open NT Champion, 2012 Wa state champion,2X Nortwest Dubs,2X USDGC Putting Champion,lowest recorded tournament round at Seatac(-5), lowest recorded tournament round at Lakewood(-12),highest rated round in WA(BOS2),Highest rated player in state of Washington




Distance Drivers:

Champion XCaliber -
Champion Destroyer -
Champion Firebird -

Fairway Drivers:

Champion Glow Teebird -
Champion Glow TL -
Champion Leopard -


DX Ontario Roc -
Champion Shark -
DX Roc -

Putt & Approach:

Star Aviar Driver -
Pro KC Aviar -



1st Washington State Championship

1st Chainbangers Club member Drive

1st St Pattys Day Chain Massacre

1st Battle Of Seattle 2.0

2nd Aloha Sushi Classic

12th Beaver State Fling (NT)

2nd Fort Steilicoom Open

1st Place Seattle Superclass : 2X state champ!!

1st place Windy River Open

1st place Tale of Two Rivers 2

4th Lilac City Open

4th Downriver Open



1st Windy River Open

1st Calm Before the Battle Doubles by Chainbangers Club

1st Nuclear Meltdown

1st Washington State Superclass Championships

1st Tale Of Two Rivers

1st Nortwest Doubles

1st Chainbangers Club Series Finale

2nd Cool Shoes Invitational

2nd McIver 3PO

2nd Battle Of Seattle



1st Auburn Ice Bowl

1st Whiners in the woods

1st Lilac City Open

1st Nuclear Meltdown

1st Chump Challenge

1st White River Open

1st Washington State Series Championship

2nd Cool Shoes Invitational

2nd Windy River Open

2nd Ft. Steilacoom Open

2nd Jet Wash Open

2nd Crystal Mountain-Moutina High Disc Golf Tournament


1st End of the Trail Classic [A]
1st Coyote Classic [B]
3rd Faultline Classic [B]
4th Santa Maria Open [B]

3rd Otter Open [B]
3rd Evergreen Open [B]
3rd Summertime Open [B]
3rd Coyote Classic [B]
4th Santa Maria Open [B]

1st Kansas City Wide Open [NT]
1st Coyote Classic [B]
2nd Otter Open [B]
2nd Higher Flyer Memorial [B]
2nd Summertime Open [B]
2nd Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open [A]
3rd Skylands Classic [A]
3rd Brent Hambrick Memorial Open [NT]
3rd Moccasin Lake Open [A]

1st Waller Pines Open [B]
2nd Evergreen Open [B]
2nd Summertime Open [B]
2nd Faultline Classic [B]
4th Otter Open [B]
4th Las Vegas Halloween Classic [B]




Home Course:
Riverside, Sumner, Wa
Number of Aces:
Longest Measured Throw:
Memorable Win:

My KC Wide Open NT win, helped me get my name out there as one of the top disc golfer's in the world. Also friends Josh Anthon & Steve Rico winning the same tournament the year before & after.


Play against the course, not the other players in your group. Keep it Simple, don't try & do too much.

  • Play as good as I know how at every tournament.
  • Win a Major